HealthTap : Member website

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HealthTap : Member website

HealthTap is an online platform that provides free answers to health questions from a network of over 10,000 U.S. licensed doctors.

When the opportunity to be the first Product Manager (and equity stakeholder) for a hot social health startup in Silicon Valley presented itself – I jumped at the chance and moved to Palo Alto. It was an exciting opportunity to have a huge amount of influence on a company that didn’t even have a product yet. Through a lot of hard work and multiple iterations we created what is now the leading company in the burgeoning Interactive Health category (a term that we coined) and brought the company from initial Angel funding to 12MM in Series A funding from some of the best firms in Silicon Valley – including Eric Schmidt from Google.

Members can ask health questions, search through existing answers, and find local doctors. Multiple answers from US licensed doctors provide quick second opinions (and third, forth, etc) and answers are sorted by the ones the most doctors have “Agreed” with. The HealthTap mobile app allows members to get quick answers and connect with doctors on the go (available for iPhone, iPad, and Android).

“HealthTap just might make you raise both eyebrows in surprise”
New York Times

“A company that is defying the odds”
Wall Street Journal

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November 2010 – Present

Project Role:
Product Manager, UI/UX Lead, Art Direction

Technology Used:
HTML5, HAML, Ruby on Rails, CSS, JavaScript, Illustrator, Photoshop