Hi, I’m Tom.

I just moved back to NYC/Brooklyn from Silicon Valley and couldn’t be happier. I was the first Product Manager (and an equity stakeholder) for HealthTap, a successful Silicon Valley social health startup and am excited to start a new project. I am interested in using interactive technology to improve UX in ways that are intuitive and engaging. Last thing the world needs right now is technology for technology’s sake…even if my inner-geek is wowed by that…

So – a little bit about my past. I come from a design and development background. Before HealthTap I worked for Weightwatchers.com for 4 and a half years where I was the Senior Flash Developer and a Creative Lead. After winning an Orange Arrow at the Flash Forward Awards in San Francisco (pic) I started to shift more into a creative leadership role focusing on the high profile and highly interactive projects at Weightwatchers.com. When the opportunity to be the first Product Manager for a hot social health startup in Silicon Valley presented itself – I jumped at the chance and moved to Palo Alto. It was an exciting opportunity to have a huge amount of influence on a company that didn’t even have a product yet. Through a lot of hard work and multiple iterations we created what is now the leading company in the burgeoning Interactive Health category (a term that we coined) and brought the company from initial Angel funding to 12MM in Series A funding from some of the best firms in Silicon Valley – including Eric Schmidt from Google. From zero to hero in just over a year! Right about then I began to miss my native New York and decided to move back.

So here I am, looking for my next adventure.

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